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Founder’s Note

The global healthcare system is a paradox: a trillion-dollar industry that leaves billions behind. An average spend of $1,000 per person shouldn’t translate to nearly two-thirds of the world lacking access to quality care. This is what sparked the vision behind Axonic. We believe healthcare should not be a privilege reserved for the few, but a right accessible to all.  Axonic is here to revolutionise healthcare by merging medicine with technology.  Imagine a world where seamless data connects patients and doctors worldwide, dissolving geographical barriers and financial burdens. This is the future of healthcare we’re building: accessible, available, and affordable for all. Join us in this health-tech revolution, where technology empowers better health for everyone.

Our Values Of Being



We relentlessly pursue groundbreaking technology to revolutionise healthcare.



We strive for excellence in everything we do, exceeding expectations.



Our solutions have a global impact, but remain culturally sensitive for local implementation.



We embrace innovation and are trailblazers in healthcare technology.



We design user-centric solutions with 24/7 support and user-friendly interfaces.



We prioritise integrity in every aspect, building trust with customers and the healthcare community.


To be the pioneer of innovation, breaking down barriers and building a world where affordability, availability, and accessibility converge, revolutionising global healthcare.


Global OPD, Reaching every patient with affordable solutions, connecting the world healthcare system in a chain of information and data accessible anytime, anywhere in the world.

Our Visionary Leadership

Dr. Abhay Chopada

With a background as a general surgeon based in the UK, Dr Abhay brings forth his clinical expertise to address global healthcare challenges effectively.


Dr. Abhay Chopada

Priti Jain

Bringing over 25 years of experience in technology, Priti combines her deep understanding of clinical workflows to shape Axonic’s revolutionary tools.


Priti Jain

Francie Patel, CEO

As the CEO, Francie’s extensive leadership experience drives Axonic’s growth and innovation. With a demonstrated history of securing funding and launching successful ventures, she leads the company towards new heights of success.


Francie Patel

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